Gordon Scott

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30+ years experience in electronics and software engineering.


A senior engineering manager and highly experienced electronics and software engineer with a broad range of skills and disciplines. Until recently working in a substantially matrix-managed ISO9000 design and manufacturing environment on multiple sites in the UK and Germany. The role was substantially senior managerial, however in our modest sized company it also included hands-on engineering when appropriate.


Leadership of and direct responsibility for a Systems Development Department of 12 senior, multidisciplined engineers and programmers, with departmental budget to around 1/2 million UKP. Matrix management of a small team mechanical and PCB designers, a design QA engineer, and an approvals engineer. Matrix management of production staff including all aspects of build, test, quality and approvals. OEM supplier and subcontractor negotiation and management including generating and/or agreeing design specifications, cost, time and performance targets. Delegation and empowerment as appropriate to project teams within the department and within the group.

Reporting to the directors, I had overall responsibility for day to day management of the department, budgets, projects and resources.

Responsible for setting and maintaining internal and design standards, external standards, revision control, version control, ISO9000 reporting, design philosophies, project cost control, appraisals.

Negotiation with the Marketing department to establish product directions, needs, facilities, features, cost targets and time targets.

Call, chair or attend as appropriate, meetings for design establishment, progress review, design review, design release, Operations strategy and quality strategy.

Instigated numerous cost, quality and efficiency improvement initiatives, including software revision control processes, hardware self-testing strategies, prototyping in production, look-ahead approvals pre-submissions, product-level hardware and software modularity, 360-degree appraisals.

Project sizes to low multi-millions of UKP within our own organisation, involving multiple departments at our two main sites in the UK, four sites in Germany and external subcontractors. Projects taken from conception through to post-development support. Budget and resource allocation within departments and projects. Development teams usually small, but occasionally to 30 or 40 where several departments are involved.

Project management across departments including Baseband and RF design, Software design, PCB and housing design, Quality Assurance, Approvals, Manufacturing, Test, Support, Training, Subcontractors, Technical Authors, installation and service staff, frequently comprises several dozens of people.

Deadlock and conflict resolution amongst a highly intelligent group of people with widely differing personalities in a very commercial environment.

I prefer to Manage by support, delegation and empowerment rather than by force and fear, as I consider the latter are ultimately destructive. I like sowing seeds and watching people and ideas grow, using positive feedback where I can and "what if"s" where I can't. I work for and with my staff every bit as much as they work for and with me.


Line, team, project, budget and resource management
Delivering diverse products within an ISO9000 organisation focusing on wired and wireless voice and data communications, often in high reliability contexts. Management of projects in the low millions of pounds and of teams of multi-disciplined engineers in the UK and Germany.

Internal and external Customer liaison
Requirements capture and specification for various bespoke systems, semi-bespoke systems, and system enhancements; Marketing support; Sales support; Service support; System troubleshooting;

Analogue, digital, mixed signal and microprocessor hardware design
Wired and wireless networked, distributed and high-reliability systems. TCP/IP, ISDN, DECT and other systems; CSMA packet data over conventional radio, point-to-point, radio-modems etc.; User interfaces ranging from keypad/displays via GUIs to voice telephony; Design for manufacture, design for test, design to cost, reliability and performance; Telephony, radio, safety, EMI/EMC and various other approvals needs.

Software system design and implementation
Embedded and non-embedded systems, realtime and non-realtime, usually networked or messaging architectures, Unix/Linux, Windows, Nucleus+. Design of RTOSs. Networked, distributed, fault tolerance and high reliability using both proprietary and non-proprietary protocols, particularly TCP/IP. User interfaces including keypad/display, voice-telephony, MS-Windows, X-Windows, Web/CGI-BIN including for blind users. Programming languages include C, C++, Python, Perl, assembles and others.

Structures and housings
Concepts and supervision of designs in plastics, fabrications, assemblies, castings, extrusions, displays, keypads and controls, IP, IS, ruggedised, soft-touch, light guides, artwork, screen printing, labels and so on.

System administration
Unix and Linux systems SysIII, SysV, BSD etc.; TCP/IP Internet/intranet including firewalling, Web services with CGI-BIN and SSI, sendmail DNS/Bind dual redundancy and more.; Windows 95/98/NT/2K; Extensive systems and architectural guidance and consultancy to the internal IT department, particularly regarding TCP/IP infrastructure and security.


2011 - present CoolLED Ltd
CoolLED is a spinoff company from Custom Interconnect Limited, specialising in highly controlable, very high intensity, multi-spectral LED light sources for use primarily with research and clinical miucroscopes. My role is as the developer of all electronics and all software within all of the company's electronic products.

2004 - 2011 Custom Interconnect Ltd/CoolLED Ltd
CIL is a contract electronics manufacturer with extensive automated manufacturing and testing facilities. CoolLed is a wholly owned subsidiary specialising in very high light intensity, very high die density LED arrays. My role here is as the electronics and software designer for both companies and to a lesser extent a mechanical designer.

This is a substantially hands-on role, so I now also have significant Altium Designer experience. Software is mostly embedded but with a few user-interface applications. Targets mostly STM32 ARM processor family.

2002 - 2004 Unemployed/Portfolio
A difficult time in engineering due to the collapse of the mobile 'phone bubble.
During this time I was involved in a number of activities including a mix of engineering and non-engineering work. Engineering work involved short consultancy activities with companies in several parts of Europe including the UK, Belgium, Holland, Slovenia and Spain. Non engineering work included several contracts with Oxford Bee Company doing research into a species of wild bee and a sustained attempt of my own to set up a Wildlife and Ecology Centre based on low-impact philosophies, but sadly the bureaucracy crushes the business model.

1973 - 2002 Multitone
The following is loosely chronological as there are many overlaps and concurrencies that are undocumentable in a compact and portable format. Even this list is far from exhaustive.

2000 - 2002 Chief Engineer, Systems
I took redundancy from this post, together with all but two of the development facility, due to the ongoing financial difficulties within the company, exacerbated by the post-9/11 market dip.

1997-2000 Senior Principal Engineer

1985-1997 Principal Engineer/Consultant Engineer, Multitone

1985 and earlier, Multitone

1972; Robophone Technician

1968 - 1971 Marconi Avionics Technician Apprentice

Qualifications & Training

Vocational education at 6th form college equivalent: Mechanical engineering; Engineering drawing; Machine shop practices.
CGLI: Full Technological Certificate in Radio and Line Transmission with adjunct `Computers A'.
Hatfield Polytechnic: Inter-process Communication.
Zilog: Zeus (Unix III) system administration.
Microtek Research: Programming Microprocessors in C.
Consultant trainer: Realtime programming in Microsoft Windows.
Cricklade College: Communication skills.
Learning Tree: Hands-on Windows Programming (GUI and NT).
Learning Tree: Real Time structured analysis and design.
Learning Tree: Project Management: Skills for success.
SkillPath: Excelling as a first-time manager.
PSL ltd. PSL paging systems and SCO Unix SysV
Telelogic: UML/SDL realtime revolution.
Telelogic: Introduction to Telelogic Tau.
BANDEC: Business Management Programme.
BANDEC: Personal selling skills workshop.
BANDEC: Marketing and promotion workshop.
BANDEC: Negotiating skills workshop.

Multifarious self-study education in engineering, management and other disciplines including: various business and operations management, acoustics, marine architecture, a little German, French and Spanish.


British citizen born 1st August 1952 in the City of London, married, no children, good health, clean full driving licence, non-smoker, homeowner but able to relocate. Involved in many external organisations including many elected posts.

G. L. Scott
128, Pack Lane, Kempshott, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 5HP.
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