Our Sailing Boats
Galatea and Egret

Portsmouth '98 A few photos from The International Festival of the Sea at Portsmouth.
Links To Organisations
Maritime and Coastguard Agency This is the UK Coastguard site. Interesting in itself, but also with many useful links.
RNLI The Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Our national lifeboat service, funded entirely by charity. Send them some money.
NFSS The National Fedaration of Sailing Schools.
BMIF The British Marine Industries Federation
RYA The Royal Yachting Association. Supporting the interests of yacht and boat owners throughout the UK.
Links To Marine Data sites
Sailinks Data Site.
Met Office
Weather Forecast
Meteorological Office and Weather Forecasts.
Weather Online UK
UK weather, Ireland weather and climate information. Often better than Met Office.
UK weather. Often better than Met Office.
UK wind and weather. Often better than Met Office.
A really reliable forecast
Dirty days hath September
April June and November
From January until May
The rain it raineth every day
All the rest have thirty-one
Without a blessed gleam of sun
And if any of them had two-and-thirty
They'd be just as wet and twice as dirty.
Links To Magazines
CB Classic Boat.
YM Yachting Monthly
PBO Practical Boat Owner.
Links To Software
PC Maritime Windows navigation and marine education software. This plotter/planner is a bit quirky, but seems to me far better than most at the price. It does proper planning with wind and tide, and even allows your own polar diagram for sail performance. (Hm, I must try this under Wine on Linux)
Xtide X-Window System based Tide calculator. Sadly now reduced abilities due to UK tide copyright issues.
WXTide32 Similar for Windows.
New Wave Systems The Nautilus Boat design system.
Links Misc.
The Rowing Service Rachael Quarrell's Really rather good rowing website.